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Packing supplies you will need when storing your household goods

Packing up and storing your household or office is a daunting task that needs a lot of forethought and organisation. Knowing what you will need is the first step in the process. We have a comprehensive list to guide you on what to buy before you start the task.

Permanent Markers

When packing and storing goods, you will require a few permanent markers for labelling the contents of the boxes. Get a pack of Sharpie Permanent Markers and leave a marker in each room that needs to be packed for convenience. Use them to list the contents of each box or to mark the boxes “fragile” or “this side up arrows” if the contents need careful handling. Label your boxes as you pack. Labelling will make life easier for you when it comes to finding what you need later.

It will also help if you use a colour code on the boxes according to the rooms the contents need to go into later. Using a specific colour for each room will make unpacking much easier. Whatever method you use, make sure you write or label all sides of the boxes.

Bubble Wrap

Use bubble wrap to wrap up fragile items. Bubble wrap will easily follow the shape of the object you are packing and will not leave a residue or smell like newspapers do.

Good Quality Packing Tape with Tape Dispenser

Only use good quality / durable packing tape to properly seal your boxes. Cheap packing tape will not seal well, and the boxes could collapse, lose their content, or the tape will peel away and leave the content exposed.

A packing dispenser will make it easy to apply the tape.


Get some sturdy boxes that will not fall apart when packed. They may be a little more expensive but will be worth the investment. Boxes come in different sizes. Pack items like books, heavy tools and canned goods in small boxes. Use larger boxes for light items like cushions, pillows, lamp shades and linen etc. Make sure your boxes are not too heavy once they are packed or they will be difficult to lift and move. Pack heavier items at the bottom of the box and place lighter items on the top. Fill empty spaces with packing paper, towels or bed linen. This will keep the boxes stable and easier to move.

Blankets or Furniture Pads

Most storage companies provide blankets or furniture pads. You could also hire some. Alternatively, you can use large blankets, doonas, or beach towels to keep your furniture from getting scratched during transport. Secure the blankets with shrink wrap.

Utility Knife or Stanley Knife

You will need a utility knife to cut the tape if you don’t have a tape dispenser, but a utility knife is essential when unpacking but make sure you don’t slice through the contents of the box when unpacking.

Cargo straps or Rope

You will need ropes or cargo straps to keep your items from shifting. Use them to secure your items to the sides of the storage unit.

Dollies or Removal Trolleys

Rent some dollies or removal trolleys from a storage company as they will make moving bulky items as well as moving items up and down stairs a lot easier.

Mattress Covers

You can hire mattress covers from a storage company. They will protect your mattress from collecting dust and stains during transit and storage.

Chair Covers

Another way to protect your furniture is with plastic chair covers. These products will keep your furniture dust and scratch free during transport or while in storage.


It will pay to invest in a good padlock so you can have the peace of mind that the contents in the storage unit are safe.

Ziplock / Snap lock bags

Put screws, nuts, bolts and washers into ziplock bags and label them. Tape the bags securely to the underneath of the piece of furniture they were taken from.

Most of the items listed above can be purchased online at SmartBox Shop. Some other things to have on hand are: a broom, a bucket, a mop and a set of tools. Now that you know what to get, you should find the packing and storing process a lot easier and quicker.