Packing & Loading Service

Smartbox offers an additional packing and/or loading service to do the heavy lifting for you and ensure all your belongings are completely safe during transport and while in storage at our secure facility.

Our professional team are experts at packing household items and protecting furniture. They use specifically designed cartons and packing materials that are made to withstand any potential forces during the transportation and storage of your belongings.

Available for purchase with our packing and unloading services:

  • An extensive range of packing boxes
  • Impact resistant moving grade bubble wrapping
  • Durable mattress covers
  • Protective bags designed for delicate and soft items
  • Furniture protection blankets

Schedule a time to speak with one of our friendly moving and storage experts to find out how our optional packing and/or loading service can ensure your belongings are properly packed for transit and storage, while saving you precious time.

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