Our Smartbox mobile self storage service remains open for business in Sydney & Melbourne offering Contact-Free storage solutions.

Moving House

The affairs of moving house can be difficult for many people. The packing, expenses, travel and transition of moving can take a toll, however Smartbox can make the storage process convenient while saving you money and time. Traditional storage methods cannot compare to the revolutionary new approach that Smartbox brings as an innovative company that focuses on customers and quality services.

Smartbox Convenience

Everyone has busy lives and trying to fit in a scheduled time with packing companies can be difficult. The old approach of tirelessly hauling off boxes and house items to a storage facility load by load becomes tedious, costly and time consuming. Smartbox has made storage incredibly easy by bringing your own personal storage unit right to your door. By working around your schedule, Smartbox can drop off a storage unit and give you a full 24 hours to pack it up. With Smartbox’s convenient drop off and pick up solution, you will never need to leave the house.

Safe Storage

With Smartbox you get your very own self storage unit to load up with your valuable personal belongings. Since the contents of the Smartbox storage unit are never transferred, your belongings will be safely stored in your personal Smartbox. After you have packed up and locked your storage container, Smartbox picks it up and transfers it to our secure storage facility. Organising access to your Smartbox unit is easy by simply calling up and scheduling a visit at your convenience. Smartbox will drop off your self-storage unit at your new location, making moving house as safe and secure as possible.

Cost Effective

Smartbox understands the difficult costs in moving house and knows everyone is on a tight budget. With an effective storage process, Smartbox cuts extra costs down and saves you both time and money. Smartbox offers free delivery and pick up, free 7 day access to the storage facility, and no hidden charges. While most companies charge for transporting in and out, fuel, insurance, and for time on the road and loading into storage, Smartbox includes all of these services into its low total, nearly half the cost that traditional storage companies charge.

Company Innovation

Smartbox makes the self-storage process as simple as possible with online booking and emailed quotes. You can get an instant quote on the Smartbox website, check out packaging products and contact us by phone or email for more information. Smartbox has always focused on its customers with a caring approach that has made the company create innovative solutions to storage, simplifying the process for anyone moving house. With Smartbox you get a stress free way to handle your storage, save money and more time to focus on the rest of the moving transition.

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