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Year of the Ox – Time to Spark Joy

Giving makes you feel good

A new year is a time for new resolutions and decluttering your home is always on top of everyone’s list of new year resolutions. Donating items that you do not want or have not used is a good way to start. And since 2021 is the year of the Ox or should we say year of the box, It is time to consider packing up and storing those sentimental items.

Step up your tidying skills

SmartBox self storage units are an ideal way to declutter and store your items for future use. So, it is the perfect time to don your Marie Kondo hat on and spark some joy. Sort the contents of your wardrobes, draws, bookshelves and cupboards first into categories: shoes, clothes, books, papers etc and then into lots of unwanted, sentimental and necessary.

Decide what to keep or discard

Sell or give away your unwanted items, organise those that you use and are essential to your daily life. But what do you do with those sentimental and treasured items? That’s where SmartBox comes into the picture. At just $99 a month you can hire a SmartBox where you can, again, Marie Kondo style, organise the storage unit with clearly labelled and colour coded boxes. Pack it up to the ceiling, lock it up and call us to collect it. We will take your precious cargo and store it for you.

We all know that the new year is the best time to embrace its symbolic meaning of starting afresh. Use the time to guide you through the tidying process so you can begin the year of the Ox with a clutter-free, organised life. Happy New Year!