Why using Smartbox is a good idea?

You’ve done your Christmas shopping from Black Friday last month, and now you wish you had an extra room for all your new purchase. This is where a mobile self-storage comes in! A self-storage unit is an excellent and affordable way to create more space in your home.

We’ve put together some top reasons why you should consider a mobile self-storage unit like Smartbox.


Secure and cost-effective

Whether you are storing your goods short term or long term, Smartbox offers various storage rates to fit you need. There are 24/7 camera surveillance coverage at both Sydney and Melbourne’s facilities, so you know your items are always protected. The only person that has access to your unit is you, giving you peace of mind that no one, without your authority and key, can go into your box and touch your belongings—not even SmartBox staff. It is encouraged to bring your own padlock and key, but these can also be bought at the Smartbox Store.

Also, with flexible rental periods and lower costs for longer storage, SmartBox will find the most suitable plan and costing for you, giving you more satisfaction and bang for your buck.

Convenient and fully enclosed

We deliver the unit directly to your home of office at a time that works for you! With a fully enclosed trailer, the SmartBox units are delivered to the location you provide so you may pack in rain or shine, at your own convenience. Each trailer is enclosed, waterproof and secured with fiberglass to give you assurance that your possessions will be safe and undamaged for extended periods of time. You can relax and not worry about having to rent a moving van or any other third parties.

Friendly and responsive customer service

SmartBox’s main goal is to provide excellent customer service, and the company has skilled on-site managers and staff who are quick to reply to all emails and phone calls in very considerable timely manner. You’ll be assured and leave the phone call, or email chain feeling satisfied and pleased.


A selection of container sizes and materials

Smartbox offers four different container sizes to choose from, ranging from 7,9,11 to 20 cbm. This will help save money by not overpaying on space you won’t use. Our newest addition is the 9 cubic metre Standard Box (available in Sydney only), which is perfect for about 200 archive boxes through of belongings. If you want to find out exactly what storage unit you need to rent, use the online size calculator to get an estimated unit size.

Unlimited access to your box

You can come in and view your belongings any time with no additional costs, thanks to free and unlimited storage access. However, an appointment is necessary in case the box is not easily reachable and a staff member may need to use a crane to get your SmartBox readily available for you in the access bay.

Professional loading and packing

SmartBox offers loading and packing options if you’re still unsure of the process or what is required to pack your belongings. To help with the heavy lifting and to make sure the contents are effectively packed and stored away for secure transportation and long-term storage, Smartbox offers professional loading and packing services.

SmartBox is efficient, dedicated and trustworthy, and you can rest assure that your valuables are stored away safely, no matter how long you plan on storing. Smartbox is available in Melbourne and Sydney, call us on 1300 880 800 or get an instant quote here.