When’s the best time to renovate?

Renovating is one of the most thrilling projects you can undertake to improve the value and feel of your home. But let’s face it, it’s also an extremely stressful and taxing project. Careful and considerable planning is required to ensure you the achieve what you want. Inadequate planning can cause you additional costs and stress, as well as extended delays in the project, so before you start your home reno make sure you consider the best time to renovate for you and your family. Below are what we deemed as the best time to renovate:

  • When you have the funds

Safe to the say, one of the best times to renovate is when you have the budget to do so. Renovating can be costly, according to the RACQ, the average spend for renovation is more than $46,0001. This is a substantial amount and one that will take planning and time to achieve. If you decide to attain a loan for your reno, make sure you are able to make the repayments without having to dip into your savings.

  • When you have the time to do so

Whether you plan to DIY or hire qualified tradies, renovating is still time consuming. So, make sure you schedule it when you’re available. Although many will choose to renovate during the summer holidays, this is usually the time many families choose to visit their extended family or go on holidays.

  • When you don’t have any major life events coming up

If you’re getting married, having a baby or changing jobs, we suggest you avoid renovating. Renovating is an extremely rewarding and beneficial project, however, it will take a large chunk of your time and budget, so we suggest separating any major life events and renovation to ensure you can focus on the things the matters most to you.

  • When your house is in desperate need of an upgrade

If you’ve purchased a fixer upper and you intend to make it your permanent abode, then we suggest starting in certain areas that needs the most improvement or will be use the most. For example, if the kitchen is in desperate need of repair, then you should probably tackle that first before moving on to other rooms. Just make sure you that you have access to a space where you can prepare your meals while the kitchen is off limits.

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