Top 5 easy weekend jobs to prepare your home for guest this holiday season

The jolly season is finally upon us! You know what that means, Christmas lunches, dinners and sleepovers. So, before your home is filled with guests, make sure your home looks as good as a Christmas ham. Below are the top 5 home DIY fixes that you can do this weekend to help you prepare your home for the holiday season.

Fresh coat of paint

Nothing screams fresh than a fresh coat of paint. It’s perhaps the simplest, most cost-effective and straightforward way to revamp your home and give it that clean, modern look and feeling. We recommend choosing and sticking to neutral and lighter colours to make your home look more spacious and help bounce light around the rooms.

Squeaky door hinges

We all have that one door that wakes up everyone in the middle night, you know the one, that squeaky door! What better time to fix that than now? Simply spray a little WD-40 onto the hinges, move your door backwards and forward to spread that good stuff and voila, no more squeaky doors. We suggest using an old rag to catch any drips for easy clean-up. Onwards!

Fixtures and fittings

Another way to add some ‘wow’ to your place is by replacing the taps, door handles and knobs with new and contemporary versions. All you’ll need is your trusty screwdriver, a couple of dollars and a few minutes to improve the look of your home.

Time for a thorough clean and maintenance check

If you’ve been delaying your spring cleaning for the past few weeks, now’s the time to do it. Lift the couch and bed up and give it a good sweep and mop. Don’t forget to replace blown light bulbs, clean dirty door frames and windows and fix any broken taps. These are small but important tasks that could go a long way and ensure that your guests enjoy their time at your place.

Declutter and create empty spaces in your home

This goes hand-in-hand with the above, before your guests arrive for the jolly celebration, make sure you declutter and create empty spaces in your home. It’ll not only make your home look more spacious, but it’ll also make it easier for everybody to move around. What better to create empty spaces than hiring a mobile self-storage solution like Smartbox. Smartbox is the convenient, low cost and on-demand self-storage solution perfect for storing excess belongings for short period. We’ll deliver your storage unit straight to your doorstep, where you can pack and load at your leisure. After 24 hours, we’ll pick it up and store it at our secure facility where it’ll be monitored by our hardworking team. Of course, we’ll be happy to re-deliver your Smartbox to you when needed. Plus, you can choose the duration of your storage, so you only use it when you need it. Call Smartbox on 1300 880 800 or get an instant quote here.