Tips for choosing the ideal Smartbox size for your storage needs

Do you need more space to store your stuff but don’t know which option to pick? Smartbox has different sizes to fit all kinds of storage needs, whether it’s for personal stuff or for business and office items. In this blog, we’ll help you figure out which Smartbox size is best for you.

The Baby Box - Perfect for studio living and office storage

The Baby Box is designed to generally fit all the belongings from a studio into one convenient unit. If you’re considering business and office storage, you can load up to 100kgs into a Baby Box, equivalent to approximately 160 standard archive boxes filled with paper.

The Standard Box - Ideal for one bedroom apartment and office storage (Sydney only)

For those with a one-bedroom apartment, the Standard Box provides ample space to accommodate all your belongings in one unit. Additionally, for business and office storage needs, you can load up to 1,000kgs into a Standard Box, which is approximately 192 standard archive boxes filled with paper.

The Classic Box - Suitable for 1-2 bedroom homes and office storage

The Classic Box is the perfect solution for individuals with belongings from a one to two-bedroom home. Furthermore, for business and office storage, each Classic Box can accommodate up to 1400kgs, equivalent to approximately 256 standard archive boxes filled with paper.

The Uber Box - Spacious solution for two-bedroom apartments and small homes (Sydney only)

If you’re in need of extra space for the belongings from a two-bedroom apartment or small home, the Uber Box offers an impressive 20cbm unit that can accommodate a surprising amount of items.

Here are some simple tips for figuring out how much storage space you need:

💡 Make a list of all the things you want to store.

💡 Check how big and heavy your stuff is to make sure it fits in the storage box you choose.

💡 Think about how easy it will be to get your stuff out of storage when you need it.

Are you ready to get the perfect Smartbox for your storage needs? Just reach out to your local Smartbox rep today. We can help you choose from different sizes and find the one that fits your stuff perfectly. Whether it’s for personal stuff or business things, Smartbox has the right answer for you.