Things to consider when you store or move furniture

Whether you are relocating, storing or just rearranging your furniture, moving heavy furniture around is a major concern. We have some suggestions that you could adopt to reduce the stress and protect your furniture in the process.

If you are planning to move to a new home or office, consider where you intend to place the furniture before you move. Measure and sketch each room’s floor plan as well as the furniture so you know what will fit where. This will take the guess work out and you can provide this to removalists if you use them to tell them exactly where to place your furniture.

When transporting pieces with knobs, shelves, racks, drawers and handles, if possible, remove them before the move but pack the pieces and any nuts, bolts and screws together so you can locate them and reassemble the item easily. Place nuts, screws and bolts in a sandwich bag and tape it under the piece of furniture. Make sure it is taped in an area that will not damage the painted and finished surfaces of the furniture when the tape is removed. If the furniture has sets of screws, nuts and bolts, either take a photo of the sequence in which they are assembled or number them accordingly so you can put them back together without too much fuss.

Use cushions and pillows in between packed items as added protection from jolts and contact against hard surfaces.

When loading furniture into a truck, place large furniture like sofas, tables, dressers and couches first.

Get yourself some furniture slides. You can purchase them online or from home centres. Use hard plastic sliders when moving furniture on carpeted surfaces and soft sliders like carpet remnants or towels for hard wood, tiled or laminated surfaces.

Begin with placing the sliders under each furniture leg before moving them.

Moving blankets will protect your furniture from being scratched or chipped while moving. You can hire the moving blankets from removalist companies like Wrap the furniture completely with the moving blankets and secure them in place with some stretch film.

Moving a mattress can be cumbersome. You can get mattress protector covers online or from homeware stores. Just slide them over the mattress and close them with tape. The covers have handles that will make them easy to lift and transport. Choose the type of covers that are made of tarpaulin so the mattress stays dry in case of rain. When packing your mattress into a moving truck, stack it on the vertical side. If you are transporting several mattresses, use the space between them to place flat screen televisions and framed pictures/artwork.

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