The challenges of accessing mobile storage in the inner city

Living in the inner city has its advantages with plentiful access to vibrant shopping and eating strips, not to mention a choice of schools, entertainment facilities and convenient public transport options. The downside can be large vehicle access to a terrace house or an apartment block when it comes time to move.

Even mobile self-storage providers find narrow one-way streets with on-street parking or apartment buildings with rear or underground carparks simply too tight for most truck and hoist solutions.

This is where Smartbox’s innovative trailer solution can help. Smartbox trailers are fully registered and can be legally parked and positioned as close to your residence as a car.

At $99 a month, our mobile storage units are not just affordable they are also small enough to navigate through tight spots, narrow one-way streets, even back lanes and underground car parks. Call us and we’ll come to you, then all you do is pack your household contents into the SmartBox and we will collect it when you are ready.

While SmartBox is the perfect solution for someone who is living on a narrow, or a dead-end street. We suggest that you also let your neighbours know that you will be moving, they may even be generous and move their cars away, so you have a less crowded street to work with. Alternatively arrange for your move to take place when your neighbours have gone to work so there will be less cars to navigate around.

You can leisurely pack the storage unit and once you have all your household goods packed in a SmartBox, we will come around, take your items and store them securely. You can access them whenever you need. If you have packed something in the storage unit and then realised days later that you need it, don’t stress, you can access the storage unit anytime and take what you need from it. It is part of our service and you will not have to pay anything extra. $99 is the flat rate for the mobile unit to come to your door and includes storing the contents for a whole month.

So, if you are ready to move just call SmartBox. Whether you are in Melbourne or in Sydney, we will provide you with a mobile storage unit that will suit your needs. Don’t know what packing material to use? Don’t worry we provide that too at reasonable rates. Go to to see what’s on offer or call us. Our expert staff have all your packing and storage answers.