Storing clothes in a storage unit

Whether it is a lack of space or you just have too many clothes, one way to resolve the issue is to hire a mobile storage unit. The benefit to renting a storage unit to store your clothes as you can access them whenever you need to. But storing your clothes in a mobile storage unit needs a little more thought and care.

Choose the right containers   

To begin with, you need to make sure that you choose the right storage containers – ones that will protect them from moisture, insects and dust. One way is to store clothes in plastic containers with lids that clip on. These will help keep moisture, dust, mould and mildew out. Make sure you clean and dry the containers thoroughly first and line them with a cotton sheet before you place your clothes in them. Alternatively, you can wrap each item in acid-free tissue paper for added protection. Silica gel packets or cedar balls strewn throughout the storage unit and storage containers will help reduce moisture and keep the musty smells at bay.

Vacuum seal is not recommended for long term storage or for delicate items. The lack of air can cause the fibres to deteriorate. Cardboard boxes can be infiltrated by silverfish and insects and are also not recommended for long term storage. Plastic bags also trap moisture and are not advised.

Once you have chosen your container, you will need to make sure the clothes are washed or dry cleaned as directed on the care label and are completely dry before storing them. As perspiration, perfume, and items that have been soiled with dirt or food particles will attract insects and damp clothes will lead to mould or mildew developing on them and spreading through the whole container.

Whether you should to fold or hang your clothes

Sort your items from those that can be folded and those that can be hung. Delicate items, denims, khaki, t-shirts, jumpers and anything with stretchable fabric is best stored folded. Blazers, blouses and dresses are better when hung up.

It is advisable to check the storage unit at least once a year and replace the cedar balls and silica gel packets. Check the boxes and make sure the contents are in good condition.

Finally, use a reliable mobile self-storage unit like SmartBox for peace of mind. These storage units are breathable and weather-proof. Call 1300 880 800 and we will have a unit delivered to you anywhere in metropolitan Sydney or Melbourne. And for just $99 you can have the contents stored for a whole month.