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SmartBox to the rescue

Home Office Dilemma

You and the rest of the world have been impacted with COVID-19 but everyone else seems to be coping with having to work from home. This has however thrown a spanner in the works for you and your family. Both you and your partner are working from home and this has become a nightmare (during the day!) Talking over each other is now the norm. The countless customer calls, Zoom meetings and video conferences along with interruptions from the children is driving the whole family mad. The customers are not happy either because you need to whisper into the telephone, or your partner will lose his shirt.

No room to move

You don’t have any dedicated space for your home office. You wish you had an extra room, but renovation takes ages. Renting another property is too expensive. You have contemplated moving out with the children, but your parents have downsized and cannot accommodate you. Buying another property is out of the question as well.  You have a spare room but that is cluttered and stacked to the ceiling with spare furniture, family heirlooms and mementos – they are your treasured items and selling these precious items is not an option, but you desperately need more space. Your marriage is disintegrating fast and there is nothing you can do about it. The children are stressed, and you are at your wits end. You need a solution and you need it now. So, what can you do?

Not all is lost

Do not despair, there is a simple alternative that will not cost a fortune. In fact, it is less than the cost of a cup of coffee. You can save your marriage and sanity at the price of a flat white? Yes, it is so simple you will be surprised you did not think of it sooner.


A SmartBox is a self-storage unit that is secure. Rent a self-storage unit and store away any unnecessary items until you need them again.

We will deliver the storage box to your doorstep. They come in two sizes so choose one that will hold all your goods. Then all you need to do is pack up your precious items and lock-up the box. We will collect it and store it away securely until you need it next. That could be for a day, for a month or a few years at least until COVID-19 is eradicated or you can afford a new home. Problem solved and your marriage and your sanity are saved!

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