Our Smartbox mobile self storage service remains open for business in Sydney & Melbourne offering Contact-Free storage solutions.

SmartBox in 4 easy steps – Infographic

You have excess retail stock, not enough room for all your household goods, or you are moving offices and need some short-term or long-term storage. With four easy steps you can book a SmartBox mobile self storage unit and have your belongings safely stored away.

Step 1 

Log into SmartBox’s space calculator to choose the size of the storage module that will accommodate your goods. Enter your post code and click on the space calculator tab to select the items and the quantities you will want to put into storage. The space calculator tab will give you an idea of what size box or boxes you will need. Alternatively, if you know what size storage unit you need, you can select the size using the SmartBox size tab.  

We even offer a no obligation home consultation service to help you determine what size box you will need. Our experienced experts will visit you in your home to assess the best size SmartBox you will require. They will also suggest insurance options if necessary. 

Step 2 

Once you have identified the size of the storage unit you need, call 1300 880 800 to book it. We will deliver the module directly to your home or office. 

The driver will drop off the storage unit and give you instructions on how to open and lock the storage unit. They will also give you some packing tips.  

Step 3 

You pack the SmartBox and lock it up.  

If packing is not your cup of tea or if you are pressed for time, you can use SmartBox’s packing and loading service. The team of experts will pack, lift and load all the items into the unit and ensure all your belongings are completely safe during transport and while in storage.  

You will need to request this service when booking the unit.  

Step 4 

Call us and we will come and pick up the unit and take it away for secure storage until you need it again.