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A Customer’s Smartbox Experience

Here at Smartbox, we think we’re pretty awesome. And while we could go on and on about ourselves, we thought you might like to hear about the experience of one of our customers.

Stacey is currently renovating her home, and between builders and painters, plumbers and electricians, she was too busy to even think about what to do with her stuff while these teams made some major modifications to her house.

Now, Stacey doesn’t have a trailer or a moving van just lying around for situations like these, and how many of us do? She called around and was quickly overwhelmed by the task ahead. She would have to hire a van from one place, How drive it home and pack it, drive it to her local storage company, unpack the van and then drive it back to the hiring depot. And then once the renovations were done, she’d have to do it all again.

Anyone who’s rented a van or a truck before knows that it’s like fighting the clock, trying to get everything done before you need to return the vehicle. That’s packing your boxes safely into the vehicle, driving to the storage site, unpacking everything and hoping you don’t have too many trips before getting it back before late fees start to apply, let alone the fear of driving an unfamiliar vehicle laden with your personal possessions.

Then Stacey found Smartbox, and it was love at first sight. She had a module delivered on a Friday, spent the weekend packing it with the help of her husband, before it was picked up again on Monday morning. No rushing, no packing and unpacking over and over again, just a steady weekend of packing beds, sofas, chests, dining table and chairs, bric-a-brac and a wealth of kids toys that would only get in the way once the tradespeople hit.

She was happy in the knowledge that Smartboxes are made of breathable materials, meaning her belongings were protected from any changes in temperature and humidity. They’re also sustainable pine, keeping our environmental impact as low as possible. Delivered on a fully covered and lockable trailer, the Smartbox is safe from all weather even when sitting in your driveway.

Better than that, Stacey was pretty happy with the Smartbox team as well, saying “they were an amazing bunch to deal with, very informative and immediately put me at ease about the task ahead – they made it sound so easy, and actually it was, with renovating a house that is fraught with issues so it was brilliant to know that this part was taken care of without a seconds thought”.

While Stacey is still waiting for the finishing touches to be put on her home, she has peace of mind knowing her belongings are waiting for her when it’s all done.

If you’re thinking of renovating, moving, or just need somewhere to store the Christmas tree and decorations that isn’t the corner of the garage, contact Smartbox today.