Self-storage for Melbourne's diverse and vibrant southern area


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Self-Storage for Southern Melbourne

Living in Southern Melbourne have many perks, from amazing views, a host of bars and restaurants and easy access to the city’s CBD. But just like many seaside regions, living in this beautiful part of Melbourne can be expensive, traffic can be a nightmare and storage space may be an issue, especially if you’re living in an apartment, granny flat or small home. This is where Smartbox can help.

Smartbox is the ideal storage solutions for Southern Melbourne − so whether you’re living in St Kilda, Port Melbourne, Albert Park, Elwood, Elsternwick or South Melbourne, Smartbox can help you in your renovation, decluttering or relocation projects. Unlike traditional storage facilities, we deliver your storage unit directly to your home or office saving you time and money hiring rental vehicles. Plus, you can choose the duration of your storage space, so if you’ve realized your reno project is running longer than expected and need to extend the use of your storage space, you can easily do so with our affordable storage costs and help from our friendly team.

To find out how much space you need, use our Space Calculator or visit this page to learn more about Smartbox.