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Casual Coogee

Coogee is a beachside suburb just 8 kilometres south-east of Sydney’s Central Business District, in the State of New South Wales. The name Coogee is saidto have been derived from the Aboriginal words koojah meaning “smelly place” or koochai meaning “stinking seaweed” referring to the decaying kelp found on the beaches.

Of the 15,500 residents, 25% are Australian born. 74% of the population only speak English at home with 37% of the residents being atheists and nearly 27% Catholics. The beach and its proximity to the city attract the youth to this suburb with a high percentage of the population ranging between the ages of 25-39 years.

This vibrant beachside destination attracts outdoor enthusiasts to its shores daily with the beach and the Goldstein Reserve playing centre stage. The Goldstein Reserve, Dolphin Point and Grant Reserve are perfect for barbeques, cricket, football and frisbee activities. And for those interested in watersports, there are the two sea pools at the southern end of Coogee Beach: Wylies and McIvers Baths or the Gordons Bay well-known for its snorkeling. Although not as famous as its world-renowned Bondi Beach neighbour, this suburb has its own share of tourists looking for a low-key retreat for surfing and swimming spots that Coogee has to offer. The cafes and dining venues are relaxed and casual catering to the transient backpacking crowd and the locals.

Unusual and Traditional

This suburb has its fair share of uncanny.  In 1935 a captured tiger shark regurgitated a human arm which was identified by a tattoo as missing person James Smith. The Coogee Palace Aquarium now features the tiger shark. And in 2003 Dolphin Point drew worshippers to it because a veiled woman interpreted as an apparition was seen from a vantage point at the fence. Even though it was deemed as a case of pareidolia a shrine was erected by the locals.

Coogee has several heritage listings: Cliffbrook; McIver Women’s Baths; and Wylie Baths. The first school constructed in 1863 was converted to the Coogee Bay Hotel in 1873. In 1887 the Palace Aquarium and swimming baths were built and in 1890 the Maidstone Mansion was built featuring metal cupola and cedar fittings. The building was bought in 1922 by the Catholic Church and restored to its original style. The federation mansion: Ocean View was built in 1916 is another heritage listed building.

The suburb is serviced mainly by buses and is the easiest method of transport. The routes include 313, 314, 353 to Bondi Junction, 362 to Bondi Beach, 370 to Leichhardt, 372 to Railway Square, 373 and 374 to Circular Quay, and X73 and X74 to the City Museum. If a train is your preferred transport, then the best routes are via Bondi and Green Square Station.

The schools in the area include: Coogee Public School, South Coogee Public School and St Brigid’s Catholic Primary School. If relaxing on a beach or partaking in water sports are what you enjoy, then Coogee is the place for you and SmartBox will be the ideal way to pack up and move to this laidback suburb. Just call for a mobile storage unit, fill it to your heart’s content with your much-loved possessions, lock it up and call us to store it for you securely. The boxes come in four sizes, the Baby Box, the Standard Box, the Classic Box and the Uber Box. Starting at $99 a month, you can’t go wrong.

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