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Familial and fun filled Fairfield


Fairfield is 6 km north-east of Melbourne’s Central Business District. It is bordered by Grange Road to the East, Heidelberg Road to the South, Darebin Road to the North and Northcote to the West. It also has easy access to Melbourne’s most affordable mobile storage units.

The population is around 6,000 and the median age is 37 years. Fairfield is predominantly residential, with only a small north-eastern section being an industrial area. Nearly 70% of the residents were born in Australia, about 4% were born in Greece and 3.5% in Italy. 70% of the population speak only English. The largest denomination or 38% do not practice any religion and 27% are Catholics.

Fairfield has a multicultural and diverse atmosphere, with 20% of its residents being from non-English speaking backgrounds with a large number of people from the Greek and Italian communities.

Public Transport

Fairfield is serviced by both buses and trains. Buses that ply to and from Fairfield are:

567 to Northcote

609 to Fairfield

546 to Melbourne University

It takes approximately 45 minutes from Melbourne’s CBD to Fairfield by bus and around 25 minutes by train on the Hurstbridge line. The train that commences in the city stops at Fairfield en route to Hurstbridge. It is conveniently located to Melbourne’s storage facilities: SmartBox.


The suburb features the Grandview Hotel, a three-storey hotel which was completed in 1888. The Station Street shopping strip has around 90 businesses including bars, cafes, restaurants, food and wine outlets. St Paul’s Anglican Church was established in August 1885 at the corner of Station Street and Railway Place. It started out as a wooden building at the corner of Station and Wingrove Streets and was moved in 1891 to Gillies Street and moved again to its current location also on Station Street. It houses an organ built by C.H. Dodd in 1920s a rare example of a tracker action organ. The organ is registered on the National Trust due to its historical significance.  The church opened the first school in Fairfield in 1885 which was subsequently managed by the State government and went on to become Fairfield Primary School.

Melbourne Polytechnic’s Fairfield campus is a heritage-listed site surrounded by stunning parklands and the Yarra River. It has a rich history and offers a diverse range of Horticulture, Creative Arts and Performing Arts courses.

Then there is the Fairfield Park – the perfect destination for relaxing on the banks of the Yarra River. The park is a popular tourist attraction, which includes the Fairfield Boathouse and Amphitheatre.

Stroll through the park, row a boat, or paddle a canoe along the peaceful Yarra waters. The park is an ideal spot for a picnic. It offers many amenities like barbecues, picnic tables, drinking fountains, sheltered areas and sporting facilities for cricket and soccer as well as a sports pavilion.

The schools and sporting clubs in the area are:

  • Fairfield Primary School
  • St Anthony’s Primary School
  • Fairfield Bowling Club
  • Fairfield Cricket Club
  • Yarra Bend Golf Club
  • Darebin International Sports Centre

Moving around in this culturally rich suburb is relatively easy with its access to public transport and nearness to all the conveniences that inner city offers. Relocating however can be a little more of a hassle but with SmartBox, you can alleviate the stress associated with storing and relocating. The mobile storage units allow 24/7 access. Just call and we will pick up and store your goods and you can be confident that its contents will be safe. Call 1300 880 800 for more information.

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