The Smartbox comes in a fully covered, lockable aluminium trailer (similar to a house-moving truck). This ensures the Smartbox and your belongings inside are fully protected from all weather conditions and secure while parked at your home. We’ll lock the Smartbox trailer with padlocks, a tow ball lock and one wheel clamp on the trailer.

Wheel Lock
Locked orange bag

You have up to one day (24 hours) to pack your Smartbox. When you are ready, contact us and we’ll come and collect it.

You lock your Smartbox with padlocks (purchase from Smartbox or supply your own) and keep the key. You are the only key-holder.

Accessing your Smartbox storage unit

There are two easy options for accessing your Smartbox:

We bring your Smartbox storage unit to you.

  • We can deliver your full Smartbox to your place so you can access it (a delivery charge will apply for this service).
  • You contact us and arrange a time to have your Smartbox delivered.
  • We will require your name, your account password and proof of identity to deliver your Smartbox to you.
  • You will require your padlock keys to unlock your Smartbox.
  • You have up to 24 hours to access your Smartbox before we collect it and take it back to our secure warehouse.

You come to us and access your Smartbox in our customer access SmartBay.

  • You contact us (please give at least 24 hours notice) and arrange a time to visit your Smartbox.
  • We will need to see proof of your identity and password.
  • Your Smartbox will be parked in our dry, well lit unloading area (‘SmartBays’).
  • You will need to bring your padlock keys to unlock your Smartbox.

The Smartbox storage facility

Are modern, secure storage facilities located in Sydney and Melbourne, which under 24 hour security monitoring and protection.