The Benefits of Portable Storage

Do you ever wish you had an extra room for all your extra stuff? Are you looking for an inexpensive and convenient temporary or long-term storage option? Smartbox brings revolutionary storage solutions directly to your front door at home or work. It has never been easier or more efficient to package and store your personal belongings than it is today with our portable storage unit.

Our self storage units save you time and money.

Compared to some traditional self storage options, our solutions can save you up to 50 percent off the normal expenses. We can even provide package products to ensure your things are kept secure and orderly with uniform unit sizes.

Traditional self storage involves packaging your goods, loading them into a rental van and driving across town to a facility. Once you arrive, you must unload your packages into the storage locker and drive back home. It takes a lot of energy and expense on your part. With a self storage unit through Smartbox, you pack and load once and never have to leave your home. We deliver the unit, transport your belongings to our secure location and safeguard your items until you need them.

Using a portable storage unit is more convenient than a traditional locker.

You can book your unit online or in person, whichever fits into your schedule best. A unit is delivered to you for loading. No rush to load the unit – we allow 24 hours before we return to pick up the unit and take it to our storage facility. Whenever you need access you simply call for a delivery or you may come to our Smartbox office for access to your belongings. We request one day’s notice if you wish to have the unit delivered.

Since your goods are stored exactly as you load them, there is never a need to unload the unit until you no longer need the extra space.

Portable storage units are safe and secure.

Our system provides multiple layers of protection for your items. You are the only one with a key to your unit. We sell padlocks or you may supply your own. Access to your property is only allowed with proper identification and your personal password. In addition, our units are trailer mounted and during non-transportation times a trailer wheel clamp is attached to one tyre and the hitch is secured to prevent unauthorized towing. Every step of the way, we work with you to ensure your property is safeguarded against theft and damage.

Whether you are moving across town or out of the area, we can help you move with less stress, fewer expenses and convenient access to your personal belongings. Business owners may choose to use a personal storage unit to house stock or archive documents. Business or pleasure, the solutions are designed to help you manage your life more efficiently.