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Packing your Outdoor and Garden equipment

Over the last couple weeks, we’ve shared packing tips for the bedroom, kitchen and home office. We also shared a couple of tips and trick to help you pack your art, ornaments, photos and memorabilia. This week, we’ll be sharing our tips to make packing your outdoor and garden equipment a cinch.

Before you start, make sure you have the right packing materials including:

  • Cartons in various size
  • Bubble wrap, moving blankets, old towels or linen
  • Packing paper
  • Packing tape
  • Rope

Before you begin packing, we strongly advise that you clean and dry your equipment properly. Why? You want to keep your storage or your vehicle as clean as possible so you don’t need to do a major clean-up after, also your tools will look spectacular when you unpack them at your new place. Also, if you’re moving interstate, you have to remember that some states have strict quarantine and entry requirements. For example, if you’re relocating to Western Australia, border agents may request to inspect your household garden equipment to ensure that they are “free from all plant materials and insects”1.

Packing garden hand tools

For sharp tools such as garden shears, pruners and hand garden rakes, the first step is to wrap them in moving blankets, old towels or linens. Then, place them in a medium-sized box and fill the gaps with packing paper and/or towels. Seal and label the box and you’re done!

Remember, don’t overfill your boxes, you want to be able to safely seal your cartons to prevent items from falling out. Also, some hand tools are quite heavy, and if you place them all in one carton, you and your back may be in for quite a shock!

Packing lawn tools

Packing your lawn tools is easy, simply bundle your broom, rake, mop and shovel together using a rope. Just remember to create is smaller clusters for easy transportation.

For your power tools, we suggest using their original packaging if you have them. Otherwise, detach all the accessories, wrap each piece in bubble wrap or packing paper and place them in medium size carton. Don’t forget to fill any gaps before sealing with to prevent damages during transportation.

Packing your garden hose

The most important step when packing your garden hose is to drain it completely. Then, roll it up and place it in a small to medium size packing carton.

Packing large tools

Before you pack your blower and mower, make sure you safely drain the oil from them first. Then, remove any attachments and pack those separately. We recommend that you cover and protect the blades before moving your lawnmower. Remember, that the blades are extremely sharp, and it may damage your belongings, vehicle or cause injury.

Hazardous, dangerous or flammable items

Do not pack any hazardous, dangerous or flammable items under any circumstances. These items are not safe for storage so if you can, we suggest leaving them be or giving it to your friends, neighbour or family to use.

Additional space to store your outdoor and garden equipment

If you’re renovating, downsizing, moving temporarily or travelling for an extended period, you can store your items in a self-storage solution like Smartbox. Smartbox is the convenient, mobile and affordable self-storage solution that is perfect for storing your excess valuables including outdoor and garden equipment. Our storage box or storage containers comes in 3 different sizes, so you can choose the size that you need. We’ll even deliver your Smartbox to you, where you can pack and load it your way. After 24 hours, we’ll pick it up and store it at our secure storage facility where it’ll be monitored 24/7. Of course, we can redeliver your Smartbox to you when needed. For more information, call us on 1300 880 800 to speak to one of our team members. To find the right Smartbox size for you, use our Smartbox Space Calculator.