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Packing tips to help you upgrade your home office

If COVID has taught us anything, working from home involves from more than having a reliable internet connection, a table and a computer. Distraction is imminent including your furry friend, children and let’s face it, procrastination − there are plenty of things that can sway your concentration. Luckily, some of us are now back at the office, so there’s no need to keep excess items in your home. Or maybe, you now see the importance of having a quiet and productive space and now want to upgrade your home office in case another lockdown comes around. Whether you’re thinking of transforming a bedroom, a backyard suite or a specific nook in your home, or you want to reclaim the space, this article can help you pack your home office items like a pro.

Back it up

This may seem like common sense, but trust us, back up all your important data! We suggest that you back up your files online via Google Drive, Dropbox, One Drive or Box. Online back-up is much safer as it’s not susceptible to theft, fire and hard drive failure. Most of these services are free, so make sure you check them out before you start packing.

Take a photo

Before you touch anything in your home office, especially your computer, take a photo. This will help you when it’s time to set it back up. We suggest you take a picture of the wires attached to your computer to help you remember where things are supposed to go.

Detach and remove wires, cables and cartridges

Now that you’ve documented where things are supposed to go, it’s time to start packing. Start by turning off the switch to prevent electrocution, then disassemble all the wiring and cables, wind them up and bundle them together. From there, make sure you label them clearly and to pack the cables together with their respective devices. Also, remove any liquid ink or cartridges from your printer and set them aside in a small box.

Reuse original packaging

Where possible, pack your electronic items in their original packaging as they’ll provide optimal protection. Otherwise, wrap each piece in bubble wrap before placing them in a box that has some cushioning in it and fill any gaps with soft, old clothing or more bubble wrap to help protect them and to act as a shock absorber. For monitors, we suggest you use old blankets rather than bubble wrap to protect the coating.

Pack it right

Always remember to use the right box for the item you’re packing. For example, use medium to large boxes to pack books and archive boxes for documents. When packing books, remember to place heavier items on the bottom and to create cushioning and to fill any gaps with packing paper to reduce vibration.

Also, to reduce strains, place the box in a low table around waist height as this will help prevent back injuries. Finally, limit the maximum weight of each carton to 15kg to make it easier to lift and transport them. 

Use a self-storage solution

If you’ve decided to retain your home office equipment, consider a rental storage solution like Smartbox. Smartbox is an on-demand and convenient self-storage solution that can help you stow your items securely. Our Baby Box or Standard Box has enough space to fit all your office equipment and furniture, but if you’re unsure which size you need use our Space calculator to find the right Smartbox storage container for you. We’ll drop your Smartbox on your front yard, ready to be filled and will pick it up when you’re done. We’ll then take it to our secure storage facility, where it’ll be surveilled 24/7. Plus, our self-storage costs are affordable with prices that won’t break the bank. To learn more about Smartbox visit our page.