How to Airbnb your spare bedroom

If you have a spare bedroom in your home or apartment, then you may want to consider turning that space into an inclusive and money-making Airbnb. Turning your spare bedroom into an Airbnb is a good way to meet travellers while making a solid passive income. But how do you turn your spare bedroom into a cosy and welcoming Airbnb?

  1. Cover the basic elements
    Before your list your space on Airbnb, make sure you have all the basic elements your guests will require – think, access to their own bathroom, a comfortable bed, locks and lighting. Also, don’t forget to add a table and chairs in case they want to work or eat in their room. Once you’ve ticked all these boxes, you can start incorporating pieces to turn it your basic bedroom to a stylish, Instagram worthy space.
  2. Check your guests comfort levels
    If you want to be awarded the coveted ‘Superhost’ status, you’ll need to earn at least ten 5-Star reviews. But earning this is easier said than done. Earning positive reviews is all about creating a great experience for your guests, and one way you can do this is by checking your amenities and space to ensure that your guests have a comfortable experience. We suggest investing in a comfortable mattress and pillows, so they have a great night sleep, as well as throws or blankets to ensure they stay warm and cosy through the night.
  3. Provide comfort and safety to your guests
    No one wants to wake up in the middle of night to find their bedroom door open, which is why its important that you provide your guest with a lock and key, or if you want to provide extra security, then perhaps a keyless digital door lock that allows you to change the codes for every guest. Once that’s sorted consider adding blackout curtains or blinds and a safe box to keep their valuables safe during their stay.
  4. Add practical items
    One of the deal breakers when staying at a new place is the amenities and handy items provided. So, make sure you add convenient and practical items that you think your guests will find useful, think: charging stations, extra towels and linen, coffee and tea making items, toiletries, lamps, a dinner set and cups, napkins, mirrors and an alarm clock. Also, consider adding WIFI access to help guests access their social media so they can share their experience.
  5. Ensure your Airbnb creates an unforgettable experience
    Once you’re done adding handy items, it’s time to turn you Airbnb into a memorable space. We suggest adding items that represent the local culture, perhaps a piece of art or tapestry. You can also consider offering your guests with local goods such as local produce, bake goods or homemade items to be give it that personalised touch.

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