Health and Well-being Benefits of Decluttering

Decluttering has many benefits, but the most important are the ones they have on your health and well-being.

  1. Decluttering reduces stress and anxiety. Trying to locate items in a disorganised home can be overwhelming and time consuming and consequently stressful. Whereas being able to easily locate something reduces stress and anxiety. When everything is in place it makes for a calm, Zen environment.
  2. Decluttering creates a sense of confidence. You are forced to make decisions on whether to discard or keep items, where and how to store them. Doing this repeatedly and successfully builds confidence while improving your decision-making abilities.
  3. Decluttering can reduce tension in the family. Organising utensils, laundry, stationery and other household items means everyone knows where to go to find what they need. Disorganised households usually end up with everyone screaming at each other when they can’t find something in a hurry which results in tension and disharmony. Establish rules on how and where things should be stored and notice the positive changes in the family dynamics.
  4. Decluttering can improve your mood. Decluttering by itself will give you a sense of satisfaction and peace but in the process of decluttering you usually find things that you forgot you had. That usually creates a sense of serendipity and is mood enhancing.
  5. Decluttering is energising. The physical act of decluttering by itself is uplifting – just try it for yourself and see how it motivates and energises you. Once you start decluttering, you rarely stop until you have sorted your entire home.

Space is premium when you are trying to declutter so why don’t you hire a SmartBox and give yourself some additional room to work with? SmartBox mobile storage units will come to your home, you can stash your goods away, lock it up and we will pick up and store it for you until you ask for it again. Having more space to work with will make decluttering a lot easier and faster.