Halloween storage ideas

It’s that time of the year again for the creepy and spooky Halloween dress-ups, decorations and treats. The shops and malls are filled with eerie-sistible decorations, loads of freaky treats and fun-filled ideas.  But as much fun as it may be, it’s an annual festival and storing these items can be challenging for the remainder of the year.  

In an ideal scenario, you’d have extra room to store everything; however, our lives are far from ideal when it comes to storage. A simple solution is to rent a self storage unit to remove needless items from your home and keep them safe till they are needed again. 

Here are some easy storage ideas for putting away those ghostly and unnerving items. No tricks here but putting away your Halloween decorations can be a treat! 

  1. Clean and dry the decorations and costumes thoroughly before storing as insects may take refuge in the outdoor decorations. 
  1. Find and toss any broken items that you won’t be able to use next year; Like the gel stick on window creatures that wont stick next year. Chuck that Jack-O-Lantern before it gets gross. 
  1. Use newspaper, bubble wrap and cling wrap to protect fragile item. You can also put your Halloween themes fabrics/curtains etc. for cushioning breakable decors. 
  1. Group and label the items based on which part of the house you displayed them. This will make unpacking and arranging easier for next year. 
  1. Invest in translucent boxes for better visibility of the contents. 
  1. Wrap up light strands in fabric sheets to keep them untangled. Tie a piece of ribbon on the ends so that you can easily find the ends next year. 
  1. Store your items in a weather proof area to protect them from getting damaged.  

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