Guide to store efficiently and save money

So, you’ve decided you need to clear the house of clutter. But how do you know which storage solution is right for you? The answer to this question depends on what you are storing and how long you’re storing it for.

At Smartbox, our packages are based on the size of your select box. The more items you’d like to store, the bigger the box you will need. In this guide, our Smartbox team will show you how to utilise each of the boxes’ space efficiently and saving you some cash.

The ceiling is the limit  

Take advantage of vertical height. Sometimes we have more space up and not out so use the walls to help your belongings climb. Balance lighter items on top of heavier ones and safely make sure nothing will topple over and damage other products. You’ll be surprised how much you can tower above you (safely)!

What if you went down instead of up?

Use the spacing in between and beneath legs of furniture like beds and sofas to your advantage. Store smaller objects like suitcases filled with old clothes and jewelry, like a bag within a bag. Being organised in cramped quarters can greatly increase your options for space layout.

Pack before you move

Storing infrequently-used items is both a waste of space and money. We suggest you constantly review your items and let things go. Sort boxes of goods into those you can donate, sell or trash to get rid of unwanted items. Consider whether storing the products for a long time is necessary or replace them for a newer model. For example, that vintage 1940s chested drawer your grandparents owned should probably be saved in storage but the milkshake machine you bought in the early 2000s to bring all the boys to your yard can probably be donated or sold.

Utilise your drawers

Pack some of the lighter, more delicate belongings into spare drawers of other pieces of furniture. A bookcase, for example can be used to keep your clothes, shoes, and board games organised. Space is greatly reduced as a result and the delicate receive additional security.

Sealers suck, in a good way!

Use a vacuum sealer to reduce bulky objects such as blankets or coats into shrunken bags that take up minimal space. You’ll be blown away by how effectively these sealers suck out all the air out, and make it considerably simpler to conserve space.

Your friends are the best borrowers

Let your friends borrow your stuff. Although your large round table would not fit in a baby box, do you have a buddy who just welcomed a child and needs a new spot to host dinner? It’s far nicer to let people give the property fresh life for a while if you have faith in them to not damage it. Sharing is caring!

The three B’s!

Take advantage of bins, baskets and buckets. These compact containers don’t take up much room and can hold a variety of little goods. They are also lightweight and easy to carry. It is advised to label your containers as it will be easier to organise and find certain items after your storage period is finished.

Make big furniture smaller

The entire area of your storage unit may be taken up by large items of furniture like a bed or wardrobe. To counteract this, disassembling your furniture and tying the pieces together to keep it organised is the easiest approach to prevent this. It won’t take up as much overall room whether the components are placed on the floor or balanced in the unit’s corner.

At Smartbox, we want you to get the most out of your storage space. Our storage options range from The Baby Box, The Standard Box and The Super Box, a SmartBox size calculator will help you calculate how much storage space you need.

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