Clear the House Before you Renovate

Renovations and additions can improve the liveability and sustainability of your home with careful planning, thoughtful design and a considerate choice of builder. 

Renovating the house is no small feat so it’s important that you protect your belongings from any dust or damage that may occur during the construction. While it might seem like a good idea to throw down some protective sheets and move all of your furniture into the one spare room available, this can quickly become an inconvenience.  

Create a worksite 

Builders will need access to space throughout the renovation. To provide them with enough room to bring in their tools and materials, clear out your household goods. You need to consider not only the safety of your own belongings, but also that of the workers who won’t be able to do their job properly without adequate space. Rather than shove everything into the garage, consider a portable self storage solution. You’ll be able to load what you need out of the way into the storage unit and store it away until you’re ready to refurbish the house.  

Protect your household goods from damage 

There are a number of hazards that arise during construction, some of which you may not be able to protect your household goods from. It’s always better to be safe than sorry by putting your goods completely out of harm’s way. By keeping your goods in a secure storage unit, you’ll be protecting them from potential damages as well as dust and debris that is common on a building site.   

Keep it clean 

While it might seem like a useless feat as each day of the renovation creates more dust and debris, it’s important to keep the house, especially the worksite, clean. Speak to the builders about keeping their worksite clean and tidy at the end of each work day. Since dust has a tendency to float through the house, sweep and vacuum daily. If the weather permits, open the doors and windows to encourage dust to leave the house on its own accord.  

Self storage solutions 

Before you start knocking down walls or throwing down protective sheets, get in touch with Smartbox self storage. We pride ourselves on providing high quality storage facilities. We’ll deliver a mobile storage module which you can pack yourself, or get our experienced team to load for you. Once you have filled the box, we’ll collect it and take it to one of our secure storage facilities which are modern, clean and tidy and most importantly, pest and vermin free. Get your instant mobile self storage solutions quote online today.