Benefits of using self-storage units for businesses

If you lack office space, but the rental for new premises is too expensive, then storage units are the ideal option. More often, moving premises is more than expensive rental costs. It also involves down time which equates to lost revenue. A mobile storage unit is not only cheaper than an additional office space, it is also convenient and easy to access. All you need to do is call and the unit will be delivered right to your door.

Businesses are required by law to retain financial, legal documents and files about their business for seven years. These can use a lot of space in a small office. Once you sort and group your documents by business unit or subject matter and date, you can store them away safely in a storage unit and they can be accessed whenever you want.

Don’t sell your summer or winter stock below cost because of a lack of storage space. You can store your excess stock in a storage unit until the next season. Mobile storage units are weather proof, pest controlled and secure.

Capitalise on bulk buys but don’t pay a premium price for storage. Buy in bulk and save costs. Store your excess stock in a storage unit. A storage unit is a perfect way to keep the products safe. Mobile storage units can also be delivered to your door when you run out of showroom stock.

If you have an online business but no room to store your stock, use a mobile storage unit to store your inventory and retrieve whatever you want whenever you do.

Storage units provide security and ease of access. They have fire protection, are pest controlled, and are affordable. You are not charged for accessing them either. Most of all they make business sense. Hire a SmartBox and solve your storage needs. We will deliver the unit to your door, pick it up when it’s ready and will store it for you.