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A guide to packing and labelling your boxes for storage

Things you will need:

  1. Packing boxes
  2. Packing tape
  3. Coloured peel & stick labels
  4. Permanent marker pens
  5. Bubble wrap, shredded paper and/or packing foam (Styrofoam)
  6. Scissors or box cutter (Stanley knife)

Get your hands on enough boxes to begin with – you might want to err on the side of more rather than less. You can buy high quality removal boxes and packing materials from Smartbox’s online Box Shop.

To begin with, we recommend that you assign each room in the house a separate colour. For instance, you could assign blue for your bathroom, green for the kitchen, yellow for the garage, red for the master bedroom, grey for the second bedroom etc.

Print the names of the room on the assigned coloured labels. For example: if you have assigned the kitchen the colour green, then use a green coloured label and write the word kitchen on it. Label the boxes and add the list of the contents as and when you fill them so you will not forget what each box contains.

Stick the labels on the top, and on the sides of the boxes so that you can identify them from every angle no matter how they are stacked and even if one of the labels peels off, you will have the other four labels still visible. You should also write down the contents of the box. List the items and paste the list on the lid’s inside and outside. You can also take photos of the contents with your Smart Phone. Keep the copies of the lists on file to refer to if you need to locate an item in a hurry. This will also help in the case of an insurance claim.

If the box contains items that are fragile, or if they are to be stacked in a particular way, label them accordingly like “fragile”, “handle with care” or “this side up”. Wrap fragile items with bubble wrap, and as an extra precaution also line the boxes that contain the fragile items with butcher’s paper or bubble wrap. Fill any gaps with Styrofoam or shredded paper.

Store screws, nuts and bolts in plastic bags and stick them to the inside of the box lid containing the items that they belong to. This way, you will be able to put the items back together easily and quickly when you unpack the boxes. And if you want to be super organised, you could map the floor of the storage unit with the location of each box.

Did you know that you can book a storage unit for the price of a daily flat white coffee? Besides it is so convenient – all you do is book a SmartBox storage unit and we will have it delivered to your door. You then pack your goods, lock the unit and call us to collect it. Your precious items will be safely secured with us until you need them again.