10 Tips to Prevent Injury During a Move

We all know that moving is a stressful period. Although you’ve planned and researched, the unexpected and delays can still occur causing you more stress and frustrations, until suddenly common sense and safety are reduced to compensate for lost of time, and then “ouch!” – an unwanted moving-related injury.

Moving injuries are common but they don’t have to be, which is why we’ve put together 10 tips to help prevent injuries during a move.

Learn to the dos and don’ts safe lifting – a couple of ‘dos’ include lifting with your legs and keeping your back straight and enlisting a friend to help you lift heavy items. ‘Don’ts’ includes don’t lift with your back, don’t try to lift heavy items by yourself and don’t lift and twist.

Use the right moving tools – this include dollies, sliders and trolleys.

Stay hydrated, eat healthy snacks and take frequent breaks – don’t underestimate the power of a well-deserve break, sips of water and snacks when moving, not only does it help you stay energized, but it’ll also help in minimising injuries.

If your budget allows, why not consider hiring professional movers? There are plenty of professional movers out there who can help you move to your new home. These professional movers can help pack and transport your items so you can focus on other things such as updating your bank, license and tax details.

Wear closed-in shoes with good traction and dress for the weather – these will help protect your feet from potential injuries and will ensure that your comfortable throughout the day.

Use sturdy boxes – there’s nothing worst than your cartons breaking during a move. You can avoid this by using sturdy and dry cartons that are free of visible damages. If you’d like to purchase quality packing materials, visit our Box Shop.

Keep hallways and high traffic areas free of obstacles – before you start lifting and moving your items, make sure you create as much free space as possible. This is particularly important in high traffic areas such as hallways, stairs, drive ways and doorway. Where possible, make sure you trim any overgrown shrubs or tree branches to reduce disruption and injuries.

Keep your kids and pet away from the hassle and bustle – if you have children or pets, make sure you ask a trusted family member or friend to look after them while you’re moving. This will help prevent them and you from any potential injuries and reduce any disruptive interruptions during the day.

Warm up and stretch before starting – athletes and fitness gurus will tell you that cold muscles are prone to injuries, so before you undertake a strenuous moving day, make sure you warm your muscles with a 5-10 minutes warm up routine followed by some dynamic stretches.

Take it slow and use your common sense – finally, use your common sense on moving day – don’t attempt to lift heavy items alone, listen to what your body is telling you, keep a first aid kit handy and don’t rush.

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