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The cheapest, most convenient
storage available


The cheapest, most convenient
storage available

We take care of your things, from your door to our warehouse and safely back again

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Self-storage delivered to your door

You won’t find a safer or easier storage solution than our mobile self-storage units. We’ll deliver your Smartbox straight to your door, then all you need to do is fill it up, lock the door and let us know so we can pick it up for safekeeping. Our breathable, weather-proof wooden storage boxes come in two sizes, and can be delivered anywhere in metropolitan Sydney.

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How it works


We Deliver

We’ll deliver your
Smartbox on a door of
your choosing


Load your Smartbox

It’s easy to load your Smartbox with low access and a handy ramp, plus you have a full 24 hours to pack before we pick it up


We Store

We drive your Smartbox back to our safe, clean and secure warehouse, and keep it safe for as long as you need

Smartbox sizes to suit all your storage needs

The Baby Box

Suitable for studio apartment
or business/office storage.

The Classic Box

Perfect for 1-2 bedroom home
or office/business storage.

The Baby Box

Suitable for studio apartment
or business/office storage.

The Classic Box

Perfect for 1-2 bedroom home
or office/business storage.

The Uber Box

Our biggest box yet! Ideal for
small homes

We have the self-storage solution you've been looking for

Best Value

We're the best value mobile self-storage option available.

Speedy Delivery

Delivery and redelivery, in a jiffy.

Private Owner

Only you will have the keys to your Smartbox.

Safe and Secure

Security systems to protect your stuff - CCTV, alarms and security staff.

Free Access

FREE pre-booked access to your Smartbox in our warehouse during business hours.

Your Schedule

We deliver on the day you need it.

A Day to Pack

24 hours to pack your Smartbox.

Modern Warehouse

Our warehouses are clean, modern, and vermin free.

Quality Material Boxes

All Smartboxes are made using sustainable (and breathable) timber.

Free Consultation

FREE in-home assessments if you’re not sure how much space you need.

8 reasons you need Smartbox

Smartbox mobile self storage is the ultimate self-storage convenience.


Fully enclosed trailers

We only use enclosed, weatherproof, secure fibreglass trailers to deliver our Smartboxes to your home. This means the Smartbox mobile storage unit can be parked, locked in place and positioned in your street without a council permit. Once the Smartbox is filled, we will collect the trailer and move the Smartbox to secure storage.

Multiple storage box sizes

Whatever the situation, Smartbox can accommodate your storage needs no matter how big or small. Smartboxes are available in a range of portable storage unit sizes ranging from our entry level 7 cubic metre Baby Box, through to our 9 cubic metre Standard Box (Sydney only), to our 11 cubic metre Classic Box and finishing up with our 20 cubic metre Uber Box (Sydney only).


Secure storage warehouse

All our Smartboxes are securely stored within a modern, pest-controlled warehouse storage environment with restricted and supervised customer access and protected by state of the art monitored alarm and security patrol systems and recorded CCTV surveillance.

Loading and packing options

If the thought of packing boxes and loading your own Smartbox is not your thing, we offer professional loading and packing services to do the heavy lifting for you and ensure the contents of your Smartbox are securely and efficiently packed and stowed for safe transportation and long term storage.

Huge range of packing materials

We stock an extensive range of quality removalist boxes, durable mattress and protective upholstery covers, bubble wraps, packing paper, tape and marking pens which can be purchased and delivered to you with your Smartbox or free of charge beforehand for orders over $100. We also sell or rent protective furniture blankets.

Free and unlimited storage access

Unlike many of our storage competitors, Smartbox does not charge for a storage retrieval, so if you need to access your belongings whilst they are in storage, just let us know and we’ll make your Smartbox available for you to sort through at your leisure during warehouse hours. We’ll even have tea and coffee available for you.


Eliminate double handling

One of the many advantages Smartbox has over traditional self-storage units is we do away with the need to double handle your belongings both into and out of storage. We also remove the need to hire a truck or engage removalists to bring your items into storage, saving you both time and money.


Ultimate mobile storage solution

Smartbox provides a convenient, secure and cost-effective short-term storage solution for home or business renovations. A Smartbox portable storage unit is also ideal for home sellers looking to declutter prior to sale or move. Our storage units are also perfect for businesses wishing to store excess stock or surplus equipment.

We can help you load, insure and fit-out your Smartbox as well


Packing and Loading

Our professional team will take care of the heavy lifting, and bring their own packing materials and boxes.


Business/Stock Storage

Our Smartboxes can be kitted out as mobile stockrooms or archive stores, saving you premium office or shop floor space.

Storage Protection

If you need cover for your items in storage, we can help. We have an extended warranty protection plan available to protect your goods against damage, fire and a heap of other nasties.

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